About the Facility
The Southern Illinois Coal-to-Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) Facility (Facility) will manufacture pipeline-quality natural gas using abundant Illinois coal. It represents the breakthrough use of current commercially-proven, environmentally-friendly gasification technology. The Facility will promote energy independence, while creating a viable new market for Illinois coal reserves.

The Facility will produce up to 65 BCF of SNG annually, representing 5% of total consumption of residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Illinois. The Facility will sell a substantial portion of this production under long term sales agreement to Illinois gas utilities.

Significant Economic Impact
  • Direct investment of over $2.0 billion in Southern Illinois
  • Over 1,000 construction jobs
  • 250 new permanent plant jobs
  • New permanent mining jobs
  • Indirect impact of $8 billion in economic activity
Low Environmental Impact
  • Limited air emissions make the Facility among the cleanest in the US. The technology represents the most environmentally-friendly use of coal.
  • Its zero-liquid discharge design recycles all water intake, and generates no wastewater disposal.
  • Argon and Nitrogen
  • Sulfuric acid
Clean Gasification Technology
  • GE Energy gasifiers
  • Rectisol sulfur cleaning process
  • Haldor-Topsoe methanation process

Coal Industry

The Facility will require the development of a new mine. It will consume up to 5 million tons annually of Illinois coal.

Construction Calendar
  • Break ground in 2011
  • Testing at the end of 2013
  • Full commercial operation in 2014
Energy Independence

The Facility uses abundant Illinois coal to meet critical energy needs. It will provide a completely new, steady, and reliable supply of natural gas at market prices. It will reduce significantly dependence on foreign sources of natural gas.

Jefferson County, IL

Gas pipeline
NGPL -Kinder Morgan

Canadian National

Water source
Rend Lake, IL

SNG production
160,000 mmbtu/day = Up to 65 BCF per year (Annual usage for over 500,000 homes)

Power Holdings of Illinois LLC serves as project developer. Power Holdings is a developer of coal gasification facilities, based in the Chicago area.